How To Install an Undercounter Wine Cooler

Undercounter wine coolers look more modern and classy than some of their counterparts. But sometimes, users can be confused about how to go about its installation, especially if you can’t afford a professional or just want to do it yourself.

But installing this equipment can be very easy once you have a guide to help. Below is everything you need to know about the considerations and the installation process of an under-counter wine cooler.

1. Pre-installation considerations:

Before installing your wine cooler, you need to consider certain things to make the installation process very easy. You need to consider the power supply, and you need to consider where the power supply is coming from to your built-in under wine cooler. This will help you not to need the service of an electrical engineer.

Also, consider where you are placing the wine fridge and check if direct sunlight is coming inside the place. Sunlight and wine coolers are enemies, as they can spoil the wine you are planning to store. Other things to check are the area’s dampness, the door of the wine cooler, and the flooring.

2. Bring your tools together:

You don’t need to be moving up and down when you are installing an appliance, and it can lead to mistakes in the installation. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools to make the work easier and neat.

Make sure you have the product manual and read through it to find out what you didn’t know. Also, have a tape handy as it is very important too. Level, sandpaper, shims, the type of saw required, and screwdrivers.

3. Set up the cabinet space:

The next thing on the list is to set up the cabinet space. The cabinet space is where you are going to place the wine cooler, so it needs to be cleaned up and also remeasured to make sure that the wine fridge will fit in perfectly.

Follow the dimensions that the company of the wine cooler provided to ensure accuracy. Don’t allow the surface to be rough; use sandpaper to make it look neat.

4. Install the wine cooler:

Once you have prepared the cabinet, the next thing is to install the wine cooler into the space that was provided. The leveling feet should be used to check if the wine cooler is not bending on one side.

When the wine cooler is bending, it should be a cause of concern for you. After installing the wine cooler, wait for about one or two hours to make sure it has settled.


Installing an under-counter wine counter can be tricky, especially if you have not done it before. Instead of wasting your money on a professional to do it for you, you can learn the procedure of doing it. The processes involved are checking the location, organizing your tools, setting up the cabinet, and inserting the wine cooler.